Can't Drink it Nor Wear it

New Adult Coloring Book David Yellen’s Hair Wars out Now!

Okay… we all want fabulous hair, but HOW about some FANTASY HAIR?


From the real world of competitive Fantasy Hair styling comes Hair Wars Coloring Book. Based on the popular powerHouse book Hair Wars by David Yellen, which was shot at Fantasy Hair competitions across the country, these larger-than-life dos are now ready for your touch. Drawing inspiration from everything from 9/11 to the Olympic Games, these hairstyles include motifs such as a gigantic bowl with live Japanese fighting fish, a beehive that blows soap bubbles, and the classic Sunday barbeque. Featuring 30 original drawings by artist Miguel Villalobos, this coloring book lets you get in on the action and be part of the fantasy. Pull out your Crayolas and markers and set your imagination loose on these amazing hair sculptures. Fun for ages 1-100.



I love the images since they range from super fun to crazy ridiculous. This is super intricate to color, but a lot of fun.  This is a such a unique concept for an adult coloring book. $9.99



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