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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Mothers. They love you. Take care of you. And they put up with your s*@t! Treat mom to something nice besides brunch (okay take her out to brunch AND get her something nice). Here are just a few suggestions that she will surely love!

Fake Bake Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum

Self-tan brand include superfood Coconut Oil in their tanning products! We have been hearing for a while now about the long list of health and beauty benefits that come along with Coconut Oil. Cooking with it, using it as a moisturizer, it can whiten your teeth and even improve brain function! However no one has been able to adapt this magical elixir into one of the beauty industry’s most coveted products, self-tan – well not until now! This month Fake Bake will launch their Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum for Face and Body… doesn’t that sound yummy! (Coconut Oil + Fake Bake = match made in heaven). This beauty and bronzing hybrid, which is part of the Fake Bake ‘Flawless’ family works to deliver a luxurious golden tan, while keeping your skin hydrated. Packed with carefully selected ingredients, this fast drying, refreshing and moisturizing serum will change the way you tan forever. “Coconut oil is an amazing natural source of moisturization, with a whole list of skincare benefits including; anti-aging, repairing and skin smoothing., $31.00

Tazza Vacuum Mug

The Tazza Vacuum Mug conveniently makes brewing fresh, hot beverages possible wherever you are. Lightweight, leakproof, and easy to carry, it makes the perfect companion on your morning commute or a special treat to warm you up while partaking in outdoor winter activities. Tazza Vacuum Mug Tazza is available in four festive color ways: candy pink, red, wasabi, and stainless steel. Each color way is made of stainless steel, inside and out, ensuring your mug never absorbs any colors or flavors. Designed with a vacuum insulation, Tazza keeps your drink hot (or cold) for hours, allowing you to enjoy your beverage at your leisure.  Should you choose to brew on the go, a removable food-grade silicone strainer basket filters your drink, ensuring a smooth sip every time. Simply drop your tea leaves or fresh coffee grounds inside the basket and pour hot water overtop to begin steeping. Within seconds you’ll have a delicious, hot beverage waiting to be enjoyed. Once you’re finished, the cap disassembles and the strainer basket can be removed for quick and easy clean up. $35.00,

Caposaldo Moscato

Caposaldo Moscato comes from the cool, maritime climate of Provincia di Pavia in northern Italy’s Lombardy region. Here the 20-year-old guyot-trained vines benefit from the blend of white marl and chalk soils in the low-yielding hillside vineyards. Grapes are handpicked, and after a temperature-controlled fermentation the wine undergoes a natural second fermentation in autoclave, resulting in a fine, persistent effervescence.

Bright golden yellow in color, this wine delivers an assertive bouquet with exotic fruit and spice aromas and a fresh, vivacious and highly polished palate. $12.00


Want to fold up the stand with your device and it is only 1/2” thick and weighs under four ounces? eniTAB360 is a patented design that uses micro-suction technology to securely grip to your tablet, cell phone or e-reader allowing you to stand your device at multiple positions and smoothly rotate 360degrees. And it folds flat to easily fit into your pocket, backpack or purse.

Remove and reuse on any device without leaving any marks with this simple, revolutionary, patented tech accessory. This universal adjustable tablet stand is compatible with any cell phone or tablet with a screen size of 8.5 inches and above for the large, and up to 8.5 inches for the small size. Mom will surely love it! $19.00, 


Over the years we’ve seen various versions of soft point rollers, which are great for building muscles and releasing tensions at the trigger point. But not until recently, a new game changer has entered the market, ZUKI, the “Go To” muscle recovery device for relieving muscle pain after exercise or yoga.

ZUKI can be used on all muscle groups including the back, quads, triceps, glutes, calves, biceps, hamstrings, abdominals, legs, arms, back and neck. It’s 100 percent pure TPE/PP, hypoallergenic, $40.00-$50.00,

ZOS wine saver

The new ZOS wine saver is the only solution which eliminates 100% of the oxygen from an opened bottle of wine to preserve it for weeks to months. It’s also perfect to accompany a bottle of wine as an engagement gift.

As soon as a bottle of wine is opened, it is exposed to air and begins to oxidize and change taste within a couple hours and spoil within a day or two. By inserting the ZOS wine stopper and oxygen-absorbing cartridge into the bottle, wine drinkers can now enjoy their wine one glass at a time.  Which is why, ZOS is ideal for newlyweds who might want to open a bottle of wine just for two glasses or each like a different varietal. With ZOS, wine can be preserved for weeks or months so that it tastes the same as it did when it was last opened. $7



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