Can't Drink it Nor Wear it

GuruNanda Natural Mist

I’ve noticed my office lately has smelled less than stellar. Being in the city, it’s been a little hard to totally get rid of the hot stale smell that the summer brings.


GuruNanda, the maker of a line of premium, 100% pure essential oils, is now introducing a novel diffuser — GuruNanda Natural Mist— is the USB powered plug-in essential oil diffuser on the market – and, it has nebulizing technology! It simply plugs right into the wall, disseminating refreshing, natural and therapeutic mist into the air directly from the bottle, with no need for water. I plugged this pluggy to my laptop and it would spray lavender essential oil ever few minutes. It’s so great.

I recommended this product. It’s new and refreshing (pun intended) take on how to freshen up your room!




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