Gixo For the New Year- Fitness Classes at Your Fingertips

 Holidays get you good…, especially around the waistline. To get into beach shape this year, I’m using Gixo, the fitness app that is affordable and easy to use no matter where you are.

Try these sample workouts from Coach Liana Hughes after your holiday travels!

Road Trip Stretch:

Calf Stretches will stretch out those tired and tight legs.

With legs a little more than hip-width apart, do a Hip Hinge and touch to ground to open your hips up

Overhead Marches gets the blood flowing and keeps you sitting up tall and straight to help your spine

Your chest and front of shoulders get scrunched up when you are seated too long, so do a few Chest Openers

To open up your hips and active the glutes, do some Standing Hurdler’s Rotation

Road Trip Workout:

Do some Quick Feet Side to Side for a quick warm up that gets the blood flowing

Squats are a great full body move that hits major muscles in the legs.

Tricep Dips will help with strength in your upper body. You can also easily do them using the seat of your car or trunk!

Clock Lunges give strength and balance and keep you time!

Ladder Climbers keep your heart rate up and break a little sweat

Airport Stretch:

To open up your hip flexors, do some Hip Circles. Just imagine you are doing the hoola on the beach!

Find some space and swing those are for a Standing Twist that will loosen you up!

To feel taller and keep your posture while you’re on your flight, do some Chest Openers

Keep the circulation flowing and stretch those calves out with a set of Ankle Stretches

To keep your shoulders open and feeling  great, do an Overhead Shoulder Scrub

Airport Workout:

If you want to have a little fun and get the heart rate up, do some Jumping Jacks.

Squats are a great full body move that hits major muscles in the legs.

Tricep Dips are easy to do in a chair and will build strength in your upper body.

While you are waiting at the gate, do some Plank Cross-Unders to work your core.

To get that heart rate elevated, do some Quick Feet Side to Side

Gixo memberships start at $14.99 per month for a yearly membership and $19.99 monthly for unlimited classes.



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