Gin Palmer

Gin Palmer

Hey you! It’s been awhile since we’ve mixed with gin.

Ah yes… gin. The junipery clear spirit that is great.

Gray Whale Gin is a California-made, consciously crafted spirit celebrating the Gray Whale. The spirit takes the drinker on a gustatory journey up the Pacific coastline along the gray whales’ 12,000- mile migration pattern from Baja California through Mendocino (terminating in the Arctic). Each of the botanicals in the gin are wild-foraged or organically farmed along the migration path of the gray whale. To boot, proceeds from each bottle of Gray Whale Gin go towards OCEANA to help protect the world’s oceans, home of this beautiful creature.

Gin Palmer

1.0 oz Gray Whale Gin

1.5 oz Lemonade

1.5 oz Ice Tea

Mix in glass.

This goes well with Zoku’s reusable stainless steel Pocket Straw. This small and lightweight straw telescopes for storage and easy transport on the go. It extends up to 9 inches and fits any glass size. Loop hole for keyring on the carrying case and included cleaning brush makes it easy to bring with you anywhere. $9.99

Drink up! Xo.



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