Stuffed Puffs3

Gamechanger Stuffed Puffs Making the Campfire Experience Truly Memorable

Who doesn’t love s’mores? Every time I see marshmallows, I must use them. Recently, Stuffed Puffs™, was brought to my attention. They’re made with real chocolate and are available at WalMart®. To me, I must try them… in a s’more.

Stuffed Puffs ingeniously solves the problem of not melting the chocolate by putting the chocolate inside the marshmallow: “the chocolate melts while the marshmallow toasts.”  It’s the fail-safe way to make a perfect s’more.

Stuffed Puffs 2

I was able to toast my Stuffed Puff to a light gold color and have the chocolate melt perfectly.

Stuffed Puffs is available at WalMart® stores across the country. At a suggested retail price of $3.98, Stuffed Puffs are likely to move off the shelves as fast as they are gobbled up at barbeques, campfires, and everywhere else family and friends get together to enjoy the summer and one another’s company.



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