Luxe Fitness Detox Tea and Protein Powder

I’m not a connoisseur about protein powders but I was up for the challenge of trying the Luxe Fitness Protein Powder and Detox tea to lose more weight and build muscle.

IMG_3251.JPGLet’s start first with the tea, shall we? It’s a matcha tea, which I’ve been meaning to try. There are two recommended ways of having the tea… either the 14 or 28 day cleanse. I need a quick fix so I went with 28 day. It’s made of dandelion cranberry, beetroot, celery seeds, ginger, Japanese Matcha, and nettle. These ingredients encourage the cleansing of through your kidneys and bloating.  I found really tasty in either hot or cold water. I just put one spoonful of the powder in and mixed it. At points, it looked green and other points, cranberry red.

So, when it came to the powder, I decided to have it in a shake after workouts. I despise milk so I mixed it with almond milk instead. The kit I received came with the blending bottle with the spring ball to mix it in. The shake itself was delicious. It was the perfect way to replenish after a workout.

I’m still waiting to see more muscles pop up and more weight to be shed, but that doesn’t happen over night. It’s a jog, not a sprint. I’ll keep you posted.

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