Empowered Eyewear

Empowered Eyewear

Selecting eyeglasses can be a royal pain! Everyone who wears glasses will agree that shopping for new eyewear is intimidating and no easy task. It can be a big investment, with a single pair of glasses costing several hundred dollars, if not more. On top of the hefty price tag, comes the long-term, limiting commitment, as it’s nearly impossible to find the perfect eyeglasses for every occasion, outfit and mood.

That’s where Empowered Eyewear comes in. They have developed the first of its kind, line of interchangeable frames that combine fashion, innovative technology, durability and affordability. The Empowered Eyewear line offers eight beautiful frame colors and four frame styles to choose and change between. Using their patented KLIX technology, consumers can easily swap styles in three simple steps allowing you to easily change up your look based on your mood, what activity you are doing that day, or simply to match your glasses to your current outfit.

Empowered Eyewear’s frames starting at an incredibly low suggested retail price of $95.



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