Drink of the Goddesses

Drink of The Greek Goddesses

Since this blog has basically taken over my life, I realized I need to up my glassware game. I mean, how many times can I build a cocktail in a martini glass?  So I treated myself to some coupes, highballs, if it was on sale and not in my collection already… I bought it!

So when it came time to actually MAKE a cocktail, I wasn’t quite sure what I should make to christen the new stemware. I mean, is there anything more gorgeous than a coupe glass? I mean, is there something more elegant and delicate locking? It’s so heavenly fit for a god.

I took a real interest to a Greek liquor recently called FOS Mastiha.  Take on the role of a Greek Goddess as the liqueur has a one of a kind and precise harvesting and distillation process that gives insight into why it is so special. Only harvested once per year, Mastiha undergoes a traditional process, including mixing it with high-quality alcohol and secret ingredients before distillation and bottling.  Naturally, I needed to try.  I needed to craft a cocktail… fit for a goddess.

Drink of The Greek Goddesses

1.0 oz FOS Mastiha

2.0 oz Grapefruit Juice

0.5 Lime Juice

1 tbsp Agave Nectar

I just added all the ingredients in a tumbler, strained. Coupe.

LOOKS GOOD NO? It’s all the coupe. It’s sweet, unearthly like. Simple, but so delicate. Fit for a goddess.



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