Craft Canadian Eau Claire Gin Launches

Back in August, I was honored to try Eau Claire Distillery gin this August. The cool think about Eau Claire is that they are FARM TO GLASS. Based in Alberta, they grow everything on their farm, distill and serve.

The award-winning distillery rides itself on sourcing regionally-farmed ingredients in an area known for the highest quality barley in the world and its’ pure glacial Rocky Mountain water. Eau Claire’s artisanal spirits are made with “horse-farmed grain” using the distillery’s own stable of plough horses and agricultural methods dating back to the settlement of Alberta. Farm-fresh ingredients and historic hand-crafted methods re-define taste, one grain-to-glass experience at a time.


The two Gins I tried were Parlour Gin and Prickly Pear EquineOx. The Parlour Gin is a London-dry style gin features more traditional gin botanicals creating a juniper berry
induced dryness, but with unique hints of rosehip, Saskatoon berry, coriander, lemon,
orange, mint and spice.  Very sippable.  The Prickly Pear though was my favorite.It was fruity prickly pear cactus, smooth and flavorful   It’s a great alternative to gin, vodka, as a tasteful base for your own drink.  I drank it and fell deeply in love. There wasn’t anything I’ve had to completely compare this drink with.

The bottles have a nice shape. It’s also worth to take note of the fun animals farming al la Alice in Wonderland — A nod to the farm to glass for sure.



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