Chairman’s Reserve Rum

Chairman’s Reserve Rum

Chairman’s Reserve Rum is known by rum nerds as a “single blended” rum as it is a blend of column and pot still rum from the same distillery. St. Lucia Distillers is a small distillery with a great diversity of flavors as they have 3 pot stills and a twin column Coffey still as well as use two independent yeast strains for different fermentations. Chairman’s Reserve is predicated on top quality and distinction, and only used bond sucrose (fair trade) certified molasses. Created by Laurie Barnard, the last founding family member to hold the Chairman’s position at St. Lucia Distillers in 1999, he experimented with blending respective casks of pot still rum and column still rum. By returning the blended rum back into oak barrels for additional aging, Barnard created a soft, well-balanced, and flavorful spirit that has become the benchmark for St. Lucian rum. Try Chairman’s Reserve Original 40% (SRP: $27.99) for a taste of this excellency in St. Lucian rum, or Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum 40% (SRP: $27.99), the only all-natural and true to its heritage spiced rum on the market.



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