Can't Drink it Nor Wear it

Bump all Your Pet Fur with Bump It!

So I admit. I have a problem. It’s this little white rescue dog I got in December. Her name is Boo.

Say hi, Boo!


So cute. So fancy! So… furry.

Okay, so I had a dog this breed when I was in high school eons ago. And you know what I totally forgot? That American Eskimo dogs shed like a @^#*. <<INSERT YOUR PROFANITY HERE>>.

I love my Boo Boo girl. I even have my own insta for her, but she’s making me and the house look bad. I usually run off to meetings and realize… oh there’s an unrealistic amount of white fur on me. WHO IN THE WORLD WILL TAKE ME SERIOUSLY! So something needed to change. I recently got a two pack of BUMP IT from Goddess of Gadgets.  It’s a pure life saver.

There are two sides. One fine, one bumpy. Based on the fur and the material, I choose my sides.

Plus it’s a very veritaile tool. NOT ONLY FOR FURBABIES LIKE BOO-Y.  You can use it on your toughest laundry stains, scrub your grills and dishes without scratching, groom your pets and collect their fur, or cleanse and exfoliate your own body!


I also realized that this is a soft and gentle way to brush your dog! Do you want to try? Visit, $9.99 each



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