Brooklyn Raw Hard Cider

The name might be a little misleading… Brooklyn Cider House. Guess where it’s located? New Paltz, NY.  Which, makes more sense since there are more apples up there! This hip cider maker is located at Twin Star Orchards and plans to open a location in its namesake Brooklyn.


I recently popped open their RAW hard cider… and it was wild. It was uniquely sour and inspired by the Basque country ciders of Spain. Funky, dry, lightly sour, not-carbonated, not-filtered – more like cider meets wine meets kombucha.  It had a light yellow color.

This pairs well with steak and cheeses — I decided to have some steak the night I tried this. The steak took away some of the sourness.


This is definitely one for people who know cider and appreciate it! They have a few other varieties including Kinda Dry, Half Sour, Bone Dry, Still Bone Dry, and Dry.



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