Dew Puff Review

If you haven’t been reading this blog and keeping tabs on my dry skin, I will clue you in that this winter has been awful on my skin. I’ve been trying different lotions and cremes that have been helping me return the moisture to the pores, but the flakes have been ridiculous from my combination skin.

I’ve had konjac root sponges before and liked the feel that has on my face and the look that I get after using it. So I decide that Dew Puff would be the perfect way to exfoliate my poor skin. It removes that dull, flaky skin so you can get an even tan. It also cleans and refreshes your skin after a day of fun in the sun.  The usage of Dew Puff can fight sun damage by bringing new skin cells to the surface as it gently exfoliates – restoring your skin’s natural PH balance.


So here’s how it works. You simply get it wet, put your favorite cleanser and use the Dew Puff on your face or body, which is a big plus.  The Dew Puff is hard but when it wet, it gets soft enough but rough enough to scrub away the impurities.

There are three great varieties of  Dew Puff for every skin type: the Original, Asian Clay, or Bamboo Charcoal.  The Asian Clay is perfect for my flakey skin and the Bamboo Charcoal is my pick for when I start breaking out. The best part about it is that it’s eco-friendly,  all natural and vegan-friendly. IMG_6527

You can get your Dew Puff for $8 on Amazon,



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