Clean Enhanced Organics™ Surf Spray Surf Styler

Hair. I’m sorta over doing my hair. It never comes out as cool as when my hairdresser AMY does it! Especially since I’ve been getting the short do with the curls that I so love, but I found an alternative with Clean Enhanced Organics™ Surf Spray. It creates a salty, sun-dried, windswept and sexy look, in short, groomed hair. Provides extra-strong hold, control, moisture, and style.  Formulated with organic Kelp, Lime and Patchouli extracts, organic Lime and Birch essential oils and imported Dead Sea Salts.

I’ve been trying to stay away from the heated tools lately (that means you hair dryer and straightener). So tossing a light coat of this spray has been really easy for me. Plus I love the scent and I feel good that it’s not very chemically.


Looks good right?  Love the waves? Get 20% off exclusive to my readers with the code: BEAUTYLOVES



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