Baby Soft Skin is Possible with FIRST LIGHT the Serum from Ceramiracle!

I was super excited to switch up my skin routine with a new serum. I’ve been a casual user of serums with no real commit towards them, but when I heard about Ceramiracle’s FIRST LIGHT THE SERUM… I was like “yes pleeezzeeeeee!”

SO what caught my eye about it? It’s a serum to based on babies’ skin.  After much research, the founder, Eugene, discovered vernix caseosa—a thick, wax-like substance that covers babies for weeks before birth—acts as a baby’s “first beauty product,” as it covers, moisturizes, and protects the baby’s delicate skin. Eugene created the perfect formula: a plant-derived alternative with all the beneficial properties of the vernix caseosa.

The bottle itself is an eye catcher all in silver. The pipette is “activated” if you will, by a button. Super cool.

So I know what you are asking… my skin. Noticeably softer and brighter than usual. Like a baby’s bottom!

FIRST LIGHT The Serum is available for $89 on



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