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5 Trending Styles and Colours of Brazilian Hair Weave Extensions

Nowadays, it seems like every woman is already in the weave game. This is evidently shown by how fast the wig and hair extensions market has grown in the past ten years.  The popularity of weaves is due to the large number of top celebrities who don’t seem to get enough of them. A lot of women also visit salons to look for the best hair weaves for weddings, anniversaries and other occasions. If you are one of them, you obviously would want to get something comfortable and trendy. Brazilian hair weave extensions are among the best hair products that you can find.

Here are some of the trendy hairstyles and colors that you should consider when you opt for Brazilian hair weave extensions.

Ombre all the way

A gorgeous ombre is the perfect way to rock in a Brazilian hair. There are many different colors that you can choose from, but a black and blond ombre can always go well. Brazilian weaves are available in different colors, which means that you can still have different ways to style the ombre. Besides the black and blonde ombre, you can also choose a dark brown color that transcends into a relatively lighter tone on the bottom. A golden blond is also great to make the Brazilian weave sparkle. Whether it is long and wavy or short and straight doesn’t really matter.

Brazillian wave weave

If you want a hair product that is flawless, extremely versatile, and easy to maintain, a Brazilian wave weave is a great solution. You can even add some accessories to it. The weave is soft and comes with a feathered fringe. In as much as you can easily maintain the weave, ensure that you;

 ·         Do not use a comb on it

·         Wear a hair net when going to bed

 You only need to use your fingers to detangle the weave. The Brazilian wave weave can also be curled  or plaited, making it a perfect hair solution for a great occasion. Thanks to its thickness and texture, Brazilian wave weaves also hold curls for a longer time compared to other weaves.

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Curls run world

This impressive Brazilian weave is a great way to give your natural hair a break. It contains some bouncy layers that are easy to maintain. The curls are sexy, subtle, and stylish enough to rock any occasion. With its glamorous look, the Brazilian curly weave is definitely worth your investment.

Pump that pompadour

The fourth look you can achieve with a Brazilian weave is the classy pompadour. This is actually the best look for a Brazilian weave considering that they have easy to manage curls. Just look amazing this hairstyle is!  Another great feature of pompadour is its slimming effect on the face. With the classy pompadour, you can always trust Brazilian weave for a volumizing look and easy to maintain nature.

Tracee Ellis volumizing curls

You can also consider this amazing Brazilian kinky curly hair worn by Tracee Ellis in the 2017 American music awards. The virgin hair weave is bold, playful, and fabulous.  The hair lets your inner confidence shine no matter what the occasion is. Here is how to achieve the look;

·         Spray your Brazilian hair weave with water and apply a small amount of gel

·         Section your hair and use large rollers or a few small rollers for curl variety

·         Use the dryer or let the hair to dry overnight

·         Finish the look with a bright lipstick


Now that you already know how incredible Brazilian hair weaves are, you may perhaps be wondering which look suits you best. Well, most of these Brazilian weave hairstyles look perfect depending on your tone. You can also choose from a large variety of colors. With their super soft nature, Brazilian weaves can be your ultimate solution for any occasion.



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